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We want more tees, please! Tees and tanks are probably already at the core of your closet. They’re your go-to picks that you can wear again and again and again. It never hurts to add a few more tops to your collection though: maybe a neutral basic tee or a graphic tee with your favorite band. If you’re really wearing your shirts out though, then here’s your chance to toss them out and replace them with fresh new picks!

One of our favorite things about a vintage style graphic or logo tee is the fact that it’s seasonless. Vintage graphics are even better because they won’t feel like fads that were only cool for the season. Classic rock bands, old-school RNB artists, and ‘90s cartoons are all memorable styles that will feel nostalgic no matter how much time has passed. You can wear these tees all year long and change up how you’re styling them for a fresh look each time. Dress them up or down with different layers, and change the vibe of your look with different accessories and footwear options.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the cropped tee and tank look, so why not switch it up for the spring and summer season with an oversized fit? Roll up the sleeves twice so there’s a cuff and tuck them into a pair of baggy mom jeans for a skater-inspired look. Add some daisy stud earrings for contrast, and finish the look with a braided belt. Once winter rolls around, you can incorporate it into your layering routine. Start with a fitted long sleeve tee and throw the graphic tee on top. Layer it up with an oversized flannel (or tie it around your waist, if you’re feeling warm) and accessorize with a beanie for the perfect winter version of the same skater fit. Shop all of our tees and tanks in-store or online at Forever21.com.