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Lace + Embroidery Tops

Women's Lace, Embroidered & Crochet Tops

Forever 21 lace and embroidered tops add a feminine flair to any wardrobe! A variety of styles, sleeve lengths, colors, and crops create flirty looks for the fashion-forward customer. Try layering a sheer lace top, elevating your look with embroidery, or enhancing a cropped cami with lace-trim when you put together your next show-stopping outfit. Lace and embroidered elements add texture, dimension, and individualism to tops and camis that might otherwise be called basic. But a few simple stitches can change everything, as that everyday flannel shirt suddenly becomes a tribal-inspired piece, or that chiffon crop top goes from boring blouse to seductive and sexy due to a row of scalloped lace trim. Don’t be shy about experimenting with what is seen as both ladylike and sexy. Embrace the power of femininity with lace tops! Bodysuits, blouses, and tunics all benefit from a bit of lace, as the delicate fabric adds an upscale impression to any garment. Often featuring floral elements, crochet trim, or ruffled accents, lace tops are excellent choices for date nights, important work days, or any time you need your outfit to have a little something extra. Try layering a lace cami under a work blazer or pairing an embroidered top with jeans for trend-setting looks. Embroidered tops come in a variety of styles, from chic statement pieces to relaxed peasant tunics. Whether you’re heading out for a cosmopolitan event or dreaming of the simple life, embroidered tops possess a timeless and womanly appeal you can harness to express the unique elements of your personality through fashion. Try long sleeves, off-the-shoulder, cropped, or longline to experience more variety on the classic theme. No matter the occasion, the wide variety of lace and embroidered tops at Forever 21 means that there’s something for everyone. Express yourself with stitches, floral embroidery, or crochet trim, and find your style in a halter top, puff-sleeve, or boxy tee, all elevated with the feminine elements of lace and embroidery.