Sunglasses + Readers

Women's Sunglasses

Glasses are the perfect accessory to frame your face (pun totally intended). Not only are they super important to protect your eyes, but they can also put the final touch on an otherwise blah outfit. Just between classic readers and sunglasses, there are so many shapes and materials to choose from.

For those with oval faces, count yourself #blessed. Almost any type of sunglasses will suit you. If you’re looking to make a statement, try heart-shaped sunglasses or aviators that aren’t as common. It can really help to kick your outfit up a notch! You could also experiment with different tinted lenses, too – yellow lenses channel a ‘70s aesthetic, whereas mirrored or reflected lenses will channel a ‘90s or early ‘00s type of cool. Feel free to play with tiny and skinny sunglasses, too. Even if they aren’t very protective, they make a strong style statement.

If you have a square face, try oversized glasses or classic round sunglasses. Not only are they a perennial favorite, but they’ll also add contrast to your face shape and help to soften up the angles. You could also give oval sunglasses a go, their length will help to visually elongate your face. We’d suggest avoiding square or rectangular frames because they’ll just highlight the angles in your own facial structure.

Round faces are so adorable! Pair them with chunky square shaped sunglasses to add more structure to your face. Experiment with metal frames or transparent frames to round out your look. Clear frames are really great to showcase your face, especially if you have larger facial features. Conversely, if you have smaller features you could try thicker frames and chunkier shapes for contrast.

But if we’re being honest, it’s more fun to choose your sunglasses based on your personality and what you like! Don’t feel limited by these guidelines. All that matter is that you love your sunglasses! Also, be sure to keep in mind your lifestyle and where you’ll be wearing your sunglasses. If you’re going out for a hike, it might be best to choose a larger frame with polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the intense sun. Conversely, if you’re just heading to a Sunday brunch with your friends, feel free to experiment with all the different sizes and lens options since it’s a casual occasion. We love seeing classic tortoise shell sunnies paired with a white sundress . It’s easy, simple, and classic without much effort at all!