Shop Men's Slim Fit Jeans

Want to know the number one way to wear jeans and not feel like your dad? Buy men’s slim fit jeans. If you’ve been avoiding this trend for the past decade because you thought it belonged to skaters and punks, you’re missing out! When it comes to extra skinny jeans, men’s slim fit jeans were a wardrobe staple long before teenage boys started raiding their sisters’ closets.

How to Wear Slim Fit Jeans

Personally, we’re grateful that men’s slim fit jeans are back in style. Not only are slim fit jeans for men more flattering, but they’re also easier to style because they go with everything. Slim fit jeans are the perfect low-key look for the weekend whether you’re wearing a band tee, a hooded sweatshirt, or a bomber jacket. You can keep your outfit feeling polished by wearing true black men's slim jeans, go classic with a pair of medium wash blue slim jeans, or up your cool factor with a pair of destroyed slim fit jeans. For those looking to take some fashion risks, dive into the world of men’s slim fit moto jeans. This style features ribbed leg panels that mimic protective gear worn by motorcyclists so you can feel just a little more rugged, even if you’re not about to jump on a Ducati.

Top off this laid-back look with a graphic hoodie, beanie, and low-top sneakers. On the hunt for an outfit that will impress bae’s mom? Stop stressing and follow this fool-proof formula: Start with men's slim jeans with no distressing, then add a button-front shirt and knit sweater. No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, men’s slim fit jeans are a necessary component to any successful casual outfit.