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There’s nothing we love more than sweater weather! Hot cup of coffee, cozy knit sweater, your favorite TV show is on – it really is the best! When you’re transitioning from summer into fall, you don’t want to pull out the heavy hitters just yet. Try an open knit cardigan, cropped sweater, or a knit crop top to stay warm without overheating. Once summer’s finally gone, start introducing the bulkier pieces like a sweater dress, an oversized sweater, or a turtleneck. With the drop in temperature, you can feel free to experiment with more layers and heavier knit pieces. Tip: we love contrast in an outfit. Try it for yourself by pairing an oversized sweater with a mini skirt, or a fitted mockneck with wide leg denim! Here are our three favorite sweater styles below:

Our first favorite is the simple oversized sweater or sweatshirt. It’s such a closet staple we’re sure everyone already has in their closet. If the weather’s slightly chilly, you can throw it over whatever it is you’re already wearing and still look good! We recommend keeping one in your car just in case! You never know how the weather will change once you get to class or work! Try it out for yourself with our drop shoulder sweaters and oversized hoodies. You can always size up on your favorite styles too if you want a roomier fit!

Another style we love is the turtleneck or mockneck sweater. It’s so effortlessly elegant and can really step up your look. Cowl-necks sweaters look great too! All of these options will help to make your outfit look a little more chic and weather appropriate for the cooler temperatures. Try looking for one with a thinner knit and more fitted silhouette that you can layer and tuck into your bottoms. For a casual look, pair a black mockneck with a wide-legged beige pant. The result is a versatile and boyish look that can be styled up or down. You could also swap out the pant for a midi length button-front skirt for a elegant, swoon-worthy look.

It’s so hard to pick, but our third favorite style is the open-knit cardigan. With the flowing length and airiness of the knit, it makes it the perfect wardrobe layering piece for transitional weather. You can throw it over a simple tee or a shirt for extra coverage. Get all three of these sweater styles or browse our other options now at Forever 21.