Shop Denim Jackets for Women

A women's denim jacket has unlimited potential to transform your ensemble. Jean jackets are a modern classic, ideal to wear with everything from your favorite dress to a pair of joggers. It's a classic piece of denim clothing that you're likely to reach for over and over again, but the trick is finding the right one. Denim jackets for women come in as many styles and shades as there are jeans.

How to Style a Women’s Denim Jacket

When you look for your denim jacket, you want to make sure it goes with lots of your favorite pieces. A dark denim jacket is great for a polished, upscale look, while a more broken-in wash can give you a laidback and casual vibe. Picking out your ideal wash will be a matter of preference and what meshes the best with your wardrobe. Fit is also important. Since tailoring varies, you can select something that's a little more fitted, or you can go for something a little baggier and oversized, which is trendy right now. If you're going for a fitted look, the jacket should fit snug like a shirt. To be sure it fits properly, try looking over your shoulder when you try it on. This test ensures you'll still have enough room to wear it with your favorite tank top, but you'll layer it under a heavier coat for the winter season. You also shouldn't be afraid to mix your denim. Lots of women's denim jackets look terrific when matched with a pair of jeans in a different wash or style, and when paired with your favorite t-shirt, the look will come off as totally effortless.