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Women's Bottoms

Bottoms up, babe! There are so many bottoms to choose from: pants that are skinny, cropped, flared, or high waisted. We love that statement pants are a thing right now, so go bold or go home with a wide leg fit or a pair of palazzo pants! Don’t hold back, this is your chance to really shine! We’ve also noticed a rise of printed pants, from classic striped and plaid picks to floral fabulousness. After all, everything’s roses in a pair of rose printed pants right? On top of that, you can always head to our denim shop where you can pick up a new pair of favorite denim jeans. We love a modern classic like a black skinny jean that streamlines your look. Pair it with an ankle boot and chunky knit sweater for the perfect chilly weekend look. Everyone loves a pair of mom jeans. This fit has an overall roomier shape with a high-rise and tapered leg. Add some contrast to this pant with a sleek bodysuit or cropped graphic tee and a pair of sneakers for a cute old-school look.

Joggers and sweatpants are a different type of trouser option to denim that’s specifically streetwear oriented. These have an elastic cuff on the bottom hem and pair well with basketball shoes and chunky platform footwear. Of course, you could always just wear sweatpants at home, too! They make for a wonderful loungewear option when you don’t feel like wearing anything fancy. For all your college students with 8 a.m. classes, this is definitely the way to go! When the weather heats up, we also have a variety of shorts and skirts with different leg-baring lengths. Pocket shorts are super convenient when you’re running errands or going out-and-about for the day. Keep your phone and keys on hand without having to worry about a bag! Maxi skirts are typically long and flowy. They’re usually made of layers of light fabrics like chiffon for an easy breezy sort of look. Midi lengths range from the knee to mid-calf, and minis are anything above the knee. Mini skirts are made with heavier fabrics that will lie flat. Fabrics like cotton twill or corduroy are perfect for this look, as well as vinyl and PVC for more outrageous looking pieces. They’re so cute and great for going out in. We love a cute button-front skirt or a pleated skirt to step your outfit up a notch. Dress the skirt down with an oversized hoodie and a pair of sneakers for a contemporary, yet feminine look.