Stud Earrings

Forever 21 has you covered for stud earrings in any shape, color or style. Studs aren't reserved for subtle effects; they can also be a statement piece. Rhinestone studs have a gypsy or vintage look that can range from antique to rockstar. Metallic studs are also perfect for more formal occasions. Gem studs are easy to match with any outfit since you can color-coordinate them with what you're wearing. They add a regal air no matter their shape, and they look good as circles, ovals, raindrops or even pyramids. Stud earrings with a flower design or tropical element like a palm tree or pineapple add cute and ornate details to solid-color apparel, so you can spice up a casual outfit with some personal flair. Simple gold spheres or faux pearls can complete a black dress with a neat and classy touch. If you're going to rock a neon shade, stud earrings are the best way to do it. What they lack in size, they make up for in color. Use neon studs to complement a black top or a nostalgic graphic tee.