Hoop Earrings

Ain’t nothing to it but to hoop it! Hooping is life and we’re not talking about the sport. Hoop earrings are everything, and your jewelry box needs at least two pair! This earring style comes in a variety of designs to feed all your style egos. Edgy, over-the-top, or understated, there’s a hoop earring to match. Find your ultimate hoop style and discover so much more, here! When you want to adorn your ears but don’t want anything too distracting when you give that killer presentation, opt for a pair of mini gold hoop earrings. Play with hollow and etched designs to show off your taste in a subtle manner. Get kitschy with unexpected star and oval shapes that draw attention to your natural canvas. Rock a pair of colored drop hoop earrings or hoops comprised of colorful pom poms at your next concert outing - guaranteed you’ll get noticed without saying a word. If you lean more towards tradition, then stick with a medium-sized set but play with twisted and rope construction for an unexpected flair. Dinner plans? Latch a pair of colored faux gem hoops to your earlobes for some serious bling. Play with dimension when you pair your homecoming gown with a tiered hoop design complete with ornate charms to top off your look with a sophisticated touch. Did you look at your fridge and find that invite for a glamourous holiday party? Rock a pair of faux crystal drop hoops that’ll catch the light and complement your sexy mini velvet dress. Show off your attitude with a pair of bamboo earrings in various circle and doorknocker styles. Oh, you’re a minimalist? Well, maximize your style with disc hoops finished with resin and tortoiseshell styles for the perfect polished touch. From dainty silver hoop earrings, summery wooden hoops, to art deco hammered designs, there’s undoubtedly a style for you. Find it and strike a match!