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Aqua Hair Dye - Drop It Kit

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What it is: The world’s first multi-use, semi permanent purple hair dye drops. Using only one bottle you can create up to 30 full head colours and achieve a spectrum of unreal results. Break boundaries not your bank account.
Unleash your inner artist, tone your hair, maintain your colour or experiment until you find your fave shades. From high voltage purple hair to unicorn hair vibes, simply add your desired amount of drops into any conditioner and apply to hair, it’s that easy.

Vegan, cruelty free and plastic reducing, feel as good as you look with guilt-free purchasing.


Vegan and Cruelty Free

1x 20ml hair colour Drop IT bottle
1x Silicone mixing bowl
1x Silicone mixing tool
Internal instructions

1. Firstly using any conditioner, fill the SHRINE bowl to the measuring line.
2. Check the DROP CHART on the side of the box to choose your shade, then drop the desired amount of drops into the conditioner.
3. Using the SHRINE brush, mix the drops and conditioner together until the colour is consistent.
4. Apply the product to towel dried hair. Section the hair and apply the product evenly throughout.
5. Wait 10 minutes to develop, rinse hair well until the product has washed out. Dry and style your hair as usual.

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