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House of Lashes Iconic® Lite False Lashes

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What it is:
This pair of luxe false lashes add a dramatic touch of glam with a feather-light feel to any look.

What it does:
House of Lashes' Iconic Light falsies brings the show-stopping, minky swoop of its counterpart with a thinner band for everyday wearability! Plush, premier grade synthetic hair is meticulously woven onto a flexible, lightweight band. They combine a dynamic V-formation effect with a sultry crisscross pattern for a bold and beautiful finish.

How to Use

Lashes can be reused 15+ times with proper care.

Measure/Cut: Hold the lash strip up to your eye to check length, trim the band if needed using the tip of the scissors to snip.
Bend: Take both edges of the false lash and bend them in a ‘U’ shape and hold for a few seconds.
Glue: Coat your top lashes with a layer of glue along the lash band and let the glue sit for about 30 seconds.
Curl: Gently curl your eyelashes.


One pair, two strips total

About the Brand

House of Lashes

Made in Indonesia

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