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Sinnocent False Eyelashes

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Short & Sweet:
These latex-free, synthetic lashes will open up your eyes and add instant drama to your look. Try out these fabulous reusable falsies and you'll wonder how you lived without them!

How to Use

Eyelashes are reusable.

Measure/Cut: Hold the lash strip up to your eye to check length, trim the band if needed using the tip of the scissors to snip.

Bend: Take both edges of the false lash and bend them in a ‘U’ shape and hold for a few seconds.

Glue: Coat your top lashes with a layer of glue along the lash band and let the glue sit for about 30 seconds.

Curl: Gently curl your eyelashes.


Synthetic hair

About the Brand

Sugarpill - Sugarpill is a cruelty-free line of bold, innovative, and richly pigmented cosmetics. We make unapologetically cute makeup for beauty rebels who can’t help but stand out from the crowd! We believe in the freedom of limitless self-expression through makeup.

Made in USA

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