It’s a tights extravaganza at Forever 21! Browse our wide collection of sheer, fishnet, opaque, patterned, and solid tights to find the perfect pair that vibes with your own unique sense of style and fashion. A wardrobe staple, tights cover the legs in a sheer or opaque fabric and are commonly worn with dresses or skirts. The micro-stretch fabric covers and smooths the legs in a way that has been scientifically proven to increase attractiveness. The thin fabric creates the illusion of seamless, perfect legs. That’s why tights are featured as the stocking-of-choice on many a sexy-styled outfit. Paradoxically, they are also necessary at certain formal events where going bare-legged would be less palatable. Basically, when it comes to tights, you can’t lose! Fishnet tights are named because their design resembles a fisherman’s net, and these tights have a long association of being an undeniably tantalizing accessory. The net construction leaves sheer micro-cutout openings all over the legs, meaning a fabric that stretches and moves with your body. Roll these on to add a risqué edge to any outfit, or pair them in contrast with heavy boots and faux leather for an edgy look. Sheer tights still offer some coverage, and often have shadow-striped designs or floral lace construction. This results in sheer tights being the perfect way to cover up without actually being covered, so you can show off your legs at the same time that you keep your outfit classy. Our variety of unique designs offers something to impress everyone. Stock up on a few, since as an undergarment they need to be washed after use.