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The Orchid Skin Apple Soft Peeling Gel

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This Orchid Skin™ Apple Soft Peeling Gel contains natural extracts, such as aloe vera, green tea, vanilla fruit, and hazel nut, and baobab nut extract, that moisturizes, improves the elasticity of your skin, creates a barrier of protection while leaving your face refreshed with the scent of apples. The peeling gel conditions and softens the skin as well as temporarily shrink skin pores to prevent dirt from clogging up the pores. It is gentle on the skin and was formulated for all skin types.

Content + Care

- To Use: After washing your face, dab your face with a dry towel to remove excess water, but do not dry completely. Pop the cap open and squeeze the Orchid Apple Soft Peeling Gel into your hands. Begin rubbing the gel on your face. Continue to exfoliate your skin. At this stage, you will begin to see the dead skin falling off your face. After removing all the dead skin, wash your face and dry your face.

- Made in Korea

Size + Fit

- Net wt. 4.05 oz.

Product Code : 1000134415
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